Telepresence Picture Frames

WHAT: A pair of networked photo frames that indicate the remote presence of the person in the photo. For example, if my sister in California moves around in front of her photo of me, my photo frame of her will gently flicker and light up here in New York, and vice-versa.

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Email: an interface redesign (sketch)

All popular email clients share the same document-based metaphor, where each new message they received is added to the top of the stack of other messages. Users are expected to sift through their inbox, respond to incoming messages, and file or delete the message. However, this immediate, “one-touch” model of usage is does not match the real-world usage patterns of most users; the quantity of incoming messages, the varied responses they demand, and time it takes to compose a response results in an inbox that is full of messages that users can neither respond to nor even read in a timely manner.

At the heart of this problem is the way email clients strive to preserve the inviolability of the single message. Continue reading

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Sogetsu is the first site I designed as a creative director. The Sogetsu Foundation is the most avant-garde school of Ikebana in Japan, Ikebana being the Japanese art of flower arrangement. The client was intentionally vague on the brief, only saying they wanted an imaginative design that was only dimly related to ikebana, and not to be too literal.

The "flower" is saturated until the user mouses towards the navigation

To echo the creative spirit of Sogetsu, I used Flash to dynamically create an abstracted “flower” out of geometric petals. Whenever a user comes to their homepage, they are greeted with a flower of unique shape and color. Continue reading

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The Tokyo Museum of Advertising (ADMT)

The Tokyo Museum of Advertising is a monument to the history of advertising, and this site is the kiosk complement to the physical site. The board members envisioned a webpage that could be used by advertising professionals to research all sorts of advertising in both English and Japanese language, and they had an enormous database of video, sound and picture files to fill it with. The biggest challenge was: how do you present such a large breadth of advertising, how do you organize it, and how do you provide contextual relevance? Continue reading

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Earlier Web Design Projects

Some earlier web design projects that I haven’t yet migrated to this blog. Click on each image to learn more about each site.

Harman-Kardon (1999): The first website I ever creative-directed, nominated for "Best Business Site" at the 2000 Flash Film Festival, London

Dentsu (2001): The new homepage for the world's largest advertising firm, soon to be my next home from 2001-2003

WilliamReid (2000): A flash-heavy fashion site

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Earlier Product Design Projects

Triplet (1997): A redesigned boombox for Generation X

Metropolis (1997): A concept "city car" similar to the SmartCar.

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