The Tokyo Museum of Advertising (ADMT)

The Tokyo Museum of Advertising is a monument to the history of advertising, and this site is the kiosk complement to the physical site. The board members envisioned a webpage that could be used by advertising professionals to research all sorts of advertising in both English and Japanese language, and they had an enormous database of video, sound and picture files to fill it with. The biggest challenge was: how do you present such a large breadth of advertising, how do you organize it, and how do you provide contextual relevance? Continue reading

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Earlier Web Design Projects

Some earlier web design projects that I haven’t yet migrated to this blog. Click on each image to learn more about each site.

Harman-Kardon (1999): The first website I ever creative-directed, nominated for "Best Business Site" at the 2000 Flash Film Festival, London

Dentsu (2001): The new homepage for the world's largest advertising firm, soon to be my next home from 2001-2003

WilliamReid (2000): A flash-heavy fashion site

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