Wake n’ Bacon

Wake n' BaconVersion 1 by Matty Sallin, Daniel Bartolini, Hsiao-huh Hsu
Version 2 by Matty Sallin with engineering by Josh Myer

WHAT: An alarm clock that wakes you up with the smell of cooking bacon instead of a buzzer.  The aroma wakes you up, then you can open the oven component and eat the bacon itself.

WHY: Everyone hates to be jarred awake by noise, but that’s what nearly every alarm clock does (even your favorite music or radio can be jarring first thing in the morning). This clock gently wakes you up with the mouthwatering aroma of bacon, just like waking up on a Sunday morning to the smell of Mom cooking breakfast…unless you keep kosher (sorry, Rabbi!).

USE: Just put a couple strips of  pre-cooked bacon on a paper towel in the teflon cooking tray the night before, and set the Cook Time for 4 minutes.  The bacon can be left out overnight with no problem since most of the moisture has been already cooked out of it, and there’s no preservatives besides the fact that it is salt-cured and smoked like all bacon is.  Set your alarm for 7am and by 7:04 your bedroom is filled with the strong aroma of cooking bacon.  You can then use the included tongs to pull out the cooking tray and eat the bacon without getting your fingers greasy.  Before I discovered pre-cooked bacon, I used frozen strips of raw bacon to keep them from spoiling overnight and cooked them at a longer cooking time.

HOW:  First, we hacked a cheap alarm clock.  When the alarm goes off in an alarm clock, the clock is sending a signal in the form of a wavelength along a wire to a small speaker to generate the alarm sound.  We cut that wire and re-routed it to a pin on a microchip, and programmed that microchip to respond to that particular wavelength input by triggering a relay (essentially an on/off switch) to send power to a pair of halogen lightbulbs that safely heat the bacon to a crisp.

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About msallin

Matty Sallin is the founder of Kinfo.com. Since 1999, Matty has worked to develop consumer products that manage everyday information and media in a satisfying, illuminating, and beautiful way. His professional and academic work has focused on social media, information design and information visualization. His work has appeared in the New York Times, Good Morning America, GQ, American Public Media, Make Magazine, Boing Boing, Engadget, Gizmodo, Coolhunting, ResFest, and others. Matty holds a Master’s degree from New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program and a Bachelor’s degree from UC Santa Cruz.
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348 Responses to Wake n’ Bacon

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  2. Clock Lover says:

    Bacon ! Definitely going to wake me up for sure….

  3. Love this. What a brilliant idea. 😉

  4. I saw you on with the Sharks and I love your clock and wish you the best!

  5. Reba says:

    I really really want, where do I get it??????

  6. kraig says:

    saw you on Shark Tank…

    try this … distill the essence of bacon (like distilling alcohol) this will give you a concentrated liquid, then atomize or arisol it.

    You achieve the same result without the fire hazard.

    food … err.. bacon for thought.

  7. Interested Veiwer says:

    Does Anyone Know The Inventors Email?

  8. Mike P. says:

    Instead of making real bacon cook, make a sent that dispurses at your time of waking up. no cooking, or threat of dieing in your sleep.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree, make a slits at the top of the device where people can slide pre-loaded scent sheets in and when it gets warmed up at the alarm time and release the scent. Not by cooking anything. You have to think people are not going to always remember to clean that stuff since not everyone sets the alarm every single day. Also his point that people having easy bake ovens is true but I still would not want that anywhere near my head nightly radiation comes to mind even its there or not. Scents baked bread, coffee, flavored teas or the bacon. People will pay for the sheet refills.

    • Uh I think you mean make a scent as I’m not sure what exactly your sending…

    • Jef Franklin says:

      No. That is just a tease. It would be more jarring than the buzzer when my brain figures out that there is no delicious bacon under my nose. Terrible idea.

      • wycliffewy says:

        Too many people seem to think that the bacon cooker will be frying raw bacon in hot grease on your bedside table. Lots of people don’t seem to understand that the “cooker” just reheats a cooked piece of bacon with a relatively cool heating element (think “Easy-Bake Oven”).

    • It uses two halogen bulbs. It’s an Easy-Bake oven with an upgrade. If properly constructed, it is no more hazardous than a floor lamp.

      • Anonymous says:

        Except an Easy-Bake oven isn’t made out of flammable wood. I’m all for the design, just not the unnecessary wood part. I’d love to wake to the smell of bacon, but not bacon with a side of fire alarm…

      • Tristan says:

        Except an Easy-Bake oven isn’t made out of flammable wood. I’m all for the design, just not the unnecessary wood part. I’d love to wake to the smell of bacon, but not bacon with a side of fire alarm…

    • BACON says:

      make da wakin bacon out of metal

  9. jim says:

    Why don’t you use a bacon aroma spray(no heat)and a recording of the sound of bacon cooking.Just thinking outside the pig box.

  10. Chantell says:

    I think your idea is great. I like to sleep as long as possible, but I do still need to eat breakfast. I would buy one if it were available. It sounds like a wonderful idea and its not STUPID!!! Good Luck!

  11. Shannon says:

    I don’t know what those sharks were talking about! What about computerized coffeemakers??? They are not in the bedroom! The Wakin Bacon could go in the kitchen. The one shark even said, people enjoy the smell of bacon coming from the kitchen where their mom is making it. Hello? Put the Wakin Bacon in the kitchen! Duh!

    • Tom says:

      So your saying you want to have bacon, unrefrigerated for 8+ hours attracting bugs and rodents and then have it cook in the kitchen unattended until it wakes you up? Now you’ve overslept, have a bug and rodent problem, and lacking a place to live due to the fire that is bound to occur. You might also be lacking your own life after the fire……….

      • Lily says:

        The design looked bug proof and I’ve read about this clock before, it said it automatically turns off, so i don’t think it would set your house on fire. but i do agree that it might not wake you up.

  12. tootall1121 says:

    Matty, your presentation on Shark Tank sucked, but your idea doesn’t. However, rethink how your product works. Scent technology has come a long way, you don’t need to use real bacon. You can use scents, use less power, and the scent can be varied.

  13. greg says:

    Mr. Sallin, I saw your device on Shark Tank and was amazed that these Entrepreneurs didn’t even bother to think outside of the box. I basically have resolved fundamental issues that they proposed during your interview or presentation. I don’t want to post the resolutions to those issues on this board..so if interested please use my email address and I will give you that info on the resolutions. Thanks.

  14. Hunter says:

    Dont give up! I love this bacon alarm clock and so does the rest of people that love bacon, and I dont EVER comment on blogs!

  15. Hunter says:

    Believe in yourself and your bacon alarm clock will sell.

  16. Kenoshia says:

    I am watching you on Shark Tank right now and I LOVE your idea………..

  17. Blake says:

    I want to buy one but, don’t know the price.

  18. Sharon says:

    saw you on the “sharks” t.v. show. I thought instead of using bacon you could use an air freshener or candle that warms up. One that smells like bacon, or waffles. There are air fresheners that warm up and smell because they warm up with the outlet. Just a thought. What a fun idea. Good luck!!

  19. Marieve says:

    We have seen your product on Shark tank and would suggest you to prototype a bacon scented aroma alarm clock using scented aroma.It would be effective and also safer.
    When it exist I will be buying one.
    Good job!

  20. robert wenner says:

    i think you should market this product as a motel item, but loose the pig look and set it farther from the bed.

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  22. Idiots says:

    LOL this is a disgrace to fat people. LOL…

  23. S. says:

    Great novelty gift. I disagree with the sharks – plenty of people will love it. Go to THINK GEEK, they sell this kind of stuff.
    Get insurance!!!!

  24. ro says:

    I think it’s brilliant! Don’t listen to the Sharks, they are often wrong. I also don’t think they understood that the bacon was already cooked, so the amount of energy needing to re-heat it won’t be that large.

    I was thinking, perhaps you could create different types of bacon scents that could be diffused from the clock? Hmmm…

    Anyhow, stick with it. It’s sure to be a hit! And I don’t even eat bacon :oD

  25. Greg Alexander says:

    Saw you on Shark Tank and I was disappointed they didnt endorse you and your product. I llike the idea but I,m not a millionair investor. I just thought you would like to know you have the support of “the little guy” Thanks Matty

  26. princeworks says:

    Just watched Shark Tank and I have an idea for you. Please send me an email so we can discuss.

  27. Mike says:

    I just saw this on “Shark Tank.” I think this is an awesome idea. I would love to have one. You hould try and see if you can get the website http://www.thinkgeek.com to invest. They have tons of bacon stuff on their website.

  28. April says:

    Saw this on Shark Tank tonight… think it really should have a buzzer built in too. Even if the novelty of the bacon-making wears off, at least it can still then function as a normal alarm clock (heck, maybe even have a function for it to OINK!) Also, I thought the fairly obvious slogan of “Wake up and smell the bacon!” would have been used. I agree with one of the sharks that this is def a gag gift.

  29. April says:

    Oh, I also meant to mention that I have never known anyone to wake up by smelling something…? so I wasn’t sure how that was going to function properly. And how safe is it to keep bacon out for that long? :/

  30. Don Raines says:

    Why don’t you just create the scent of bacon like an air freshner does? It would eliminate any safety issues and you could sell the scent wavers or drops for each unit. The unit would turn on an create the smell which is the attraction, not the actually bacon.

    It could reduce the size and cost of each unit as well.

  31. Harry Shulman says:

    You should check out kickstarter.com. I think it’s the perfect way for you to raise enough capital to make a prototype and go into production.

  32. jessica says:

    I saw Shark Tank and I was disapointed that no one on the panel would help out – I would buy one in a heartbeat! Did you notice the guy who was so caustic (as usual) was offering to buy the model for $300? So if he thought it would be such a bad idea, why did he want to buy it so bad? I did see their point about not wanting to keep it in the bedroom. I personally would put mine in the kitchen, because that bacon smell is going to waft through the house to the bedroom. Please let me know when and where I can buy one!

  33. Gina rentfrow says:

    Have you contacted Think Geek? They have a whole bacon section.

  34. Patricia says:

    I know how you can do the bacon alarm without the possible danger.
    It’s an easy solution and will probably sell like crazy.
    Naturally I can’t release the specifics on e-mail. If you are interested,
    call 856-270-2376. I am an individual who watched you on Tank Shark
    and I think my idea will work more easily and be more economical to
    make and sell. Plus there are a lot of others aromas that could be in-
    Good luck

  35. Kelly says:

    Your product would be better served if you contact motel chains about putting the clock in their rooms along with their coffee makers.

  36. Michael says:

    I’ll buy 2. What is the cost of the wooden version?

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  38. Jason says:

    I just saw this on shark tank and it seems to me that their greatest problem was the bacon next to the bed. I live in central florida next to disney. If you’ve ever been to Disney, when you walk by their bakery you smell fresh baking bread. However, the bread smell is contained from when they cooked it earlier and dispersed as people walk by. I suggest you come up with a normal alarm clock that also has the capacity to disperse the synthetic smell of bacon. Then you have a normal alarm clock PLUS/OR the smell of bacon without the risk or work of putting actual bacon in the box. Also, please email me, I’d like some information on what you think gained you a position on Shark tank because I have something to pitch as well.

    Good luck!

  39. Jolleen says:

    My daughter and I saw this on Shark Tank and couldn’t believe that they didn’t go for it!! WE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT GIVE UP!!!! Go to Pitch Men, go to J&D’s Foods, there are many many people who would buy this and use it!! Not just as a “gag” gift (though I know many people would give it as that) but I know LOTS of people that would own and use it!! If it was available I can tell you RIGHT NOW there would be 4 in this household, one for me, one for my hubby, one for my teen and one for my tween. We love our bacon and how cool would this be!!! =) Keep trying and do not give up for the sake of your dream, I know you can make it!

  40. Kim says:

    Hello! I saw the show last nite and thought you had a great idea! Who doesn’t love the smell of bacon in the morning? The investors felt that it was a hazard to have bacon cooking next to the bed…have you ever thought of just bottling the smell of bacon and having the aroma released to wake up the sleeper? If they can bottle perfumes…why not the smell of bacon…you could have a built in fan to fan the aroma at the designated time. Just a thought…this eliminates the fire hazard! I love your entrepreneural spirit! Good Luck!

  41. Hi there Matty,

    Ok, so the Shark Tank guys weren’t into bacon in the bedroom. But bacon…. ah, bacon- really, everyone loves the smell of bacon in the morning and I can’t get my ass out of bed no matter how many alarms (including one that zooms around the room making insanely obnoxious noises) I may set. I do believe that bacon next to the bed might do the trick though. So, if you find yourself needing some product photos once you get that glorious good morning machine ready to go, feel free to let me know and I’d be happy to take some…. on the house. Not that you’ll need them, but just thought I’d offer in case you do at some point.

    A Bay Area Bacon Loving Photographer

  42. Rob says:

    I want one asap!!!

  43. Jon Speer says:

    If you still need help building a prototype, I might know of some resources.

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  46. Tim Clark says:

    I liked the product, but my wife and I came to agree on another approach.

    Send an email to tim@timclark.com with your contact info.

    It’s worth a try!

    Tim Clark

  47. J Smith says:

    Please email me. I have an idea for you that might help you realize your Waken Bacon Dream. It’s a slight modification to your idea that I think will really help you. I am a mompreneur who has launched a product and this will just be a suggestion.

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  49. Viviana says:

    I love it!
    You’re nuts! – In a good way

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  51. gary christensen says:

    i want tm buy one i think it is a wonderful idea. I love bacon 🙂

  52. gary christensen says:

    i want to buy one i love bacon and this is a wonderful idea:)

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  54. erin dee says:

    This is ingenious..thank you for delivering to those of us who appreciate the finer and more elegant things in life. Please mass produce these, I know I am speaking for all of us true meat-lovers when I say I would pay at least $50 for this! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

  55. Melvyn says:

    Go to Kickstarter and get your funding from people that will buy the product. There is a market and the pre-order will allow you to get your seed funding. Good luck, strike while the bacon is hot with the free publicity from Shark Tank.

  56. Kirstin Bala says:

    I NEED ONE. I want one so badly! Seriously, if I can buy one please contact me.

  57. Pramod Patel says:

    Great idea. Cuban was right, enough people will want this to make it a viable product. Patent it, and develop it organically as fast as you can. Of course, only if you really want to make a commercially viable product out of it.

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  61. John Wilks says:

    I just saw you on Sharktank. I wish you the best sir.

  62. Yuee says:


    Do it. Do it now.

  63. Brendan bernardo says:

    Where cani get one of these. It is the most amazing invention in the world, and i am dying to get one

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  65. Jolan Stoltz says:

    Saw you on Shark Tank.
    The problem that they had was cooking bacon next to the bed….
    while I agree that I would not personally do this, I have a thought
    as to how to solve your problem, make it safe, cost less to manufacture
    and truly fix the problem you have with the Sharks.
    Disney does this sort of thing all over their theme parks. As you walk
    through sections just before food courts, there are atomizers spraying
    food smells into the air to get people to unknowingly think they are
    all of a sudden hungry. It is subliminal sales tactics.
    Simply put an atomizer with whatever smell you want – bacon… but you
    can also have wak’n ale… with a beer smell. Now you open up a huge
    market area of novelty fun…. just a thought – but I think it could be
    profitable if you make a few changes. Love the clean design, just take
    out the element of danger and put in an atomizer that mists on alarm
    setting and also when they hit snooze. It can also be a dual purpose
    alarm clock with a “fresh air” home deodorizer built in. Not so novelty
    now. Like those Glade Home Misters that women go nuts over to keep
    their homes smelling fresh – just a thought. Send me a “thanks for the
    idea” check when you make it big!!! Best of luck. Jolan

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  67. lindsey says:

    I think it’s a really cool idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  68. Tykota says:

    ya know it would be a sweet idea sell this on like ebay or something lots of people would buy it

  69. Katie says:

    Please email me ~ interested to know the cost! My husband LOVES bacon and it’d be a great gift!

  70. Sandy DeKarski says:

    Where do I buy one or are they not available for purchase yet

  71. Anthony says:

    What is wrong with some of you? If you use a bacon aroma then you lack the one thing you want – namely bacon! That would be like getting to the end of a rainbow and finding a pot of confederate money! Please, Please, Please don’t listen to these people and bring the bacon!

  72. bekka says:

    No, seriously, I want one. Someone PLEASE tell me where I can get one… I’ll pay up the wazoo for it!! Perfect gift idea!

  73. Tamara says:

    Can I buy this product? If yes, how?????

  74. Paul says:

    All of you suggesting it just have the scent/sound of bacon are idiots. Who would want to be woke up to the sound and smell of it then be denied the taste? I would be cranky as hell I didn’t get my bacon and then be an ass to everyone. Amazing invention.

  75. Carrie says:

    I think it’s funny that all these people are suggesting just to make an aroma spray. The point is that food is ready for the eating when you wake up…

    The ideas of marketing to motels and Think Geek are good.

    I personally would buy this as a gift for my boyfriend. Even if it were a one time use, I think it’s a good idea and would be totally worth it for the right price 🙂

  76. cocojaks says:

    Sign me up! I definitely need one of these!

  77. Kari says:

    all the people talking about just using the scent of just don’t get this product… it’s genius straight out of chittychittybangbang, breakfast making itself is the whole idea! I love bacon and it is impossible to wake me up in the morning so I think its wonderful!

  78. Tridus says:

    I would buy one of these right now if they were for sale. Please find a way to get it on the market!

  79. I would add an automatic shut off switch to prevent fires with the heat and wood.

  80. And if you want a maple smell to the bacon Which I love a small fire proof container to sit inside with the bacon or pour a little maple syrup on bacon. 🙂 mmmmmm nummy

  81. of course if you wanted to use real bacon you could have a small cooling area on top with a timer and a release trap. it holds the cold bacon but when the timer goes off it opens a trap door that drops the bacon into the cooker. and then it starts to cook the bacon till alarm goes off. just a idea I like real bacon over precook.

  82. Sandra Ramatici says:

    I want to order one e mail me

  83. Gene McKenzie says:

    Why does everybody suggest the scent of Bacon? And have to spoil things with doomsday scenarios? Its a Damn Bacon Alarm Clock! Life should be so simple. It is what it is, that’s what it was meant to be. I say 100% success.

  84. dralan says:

    There are bread makers on the market which turn on like an alarm clock. You could put pre cooked bacon pieces in the bread and have the aroma of fresh bacon bread and take it one step further and build a pig body bread maker

  85. Tucker says:

    Brilliant idea. I’d buy a few if they were available as gives. I’m not a big time investor but would be willing to invest some in your funding round to be part of something this cool. You can reach me via email. I bet you could easily raise the 40 K with a few investors on this website. I think the aroma idea is a great direction to pursue. Could be a whole line of clocks. Flowers, fresh bread, etc. Wake to a different aroma every day of the week …

  86. Nothing like smelling bacon in your dreams while you die in a house fire.

  87. Mike Ryan says:

    The “aroma” idea makes safety sense, but the really cool thing about your invention is that you nibble real bacon first thing in the morning. The chewing and tasting arouses your senses further than smelling and will help you wake up. The mere smell of bacon wouldn’t prompt you into action which would keep you from hitting the snooze alarm. The wooden box adds a touch of danger, too: you can’t roll over and go back to sleep with a fire hazard by your head (although I don’t believe this to be more of a hazard than a simple space heater). Buy a $9 fire extinguisher for the night stand and live a little. I LOVE it.

  88. James M says:

    An automatic kitchen appliance that cooks bacon doesn’t have to be a bedside alarm clock. It could simply be an automatic kitchen appliance that cooks bacon. That would be pretty nice, actually, especially if it could cook sausage patties or maybe hash browns too.

    Personally I hate the smell of bacon in the morning. It would make me bury my head under the blankets and hope that the smell goes away soon. Oatmeal, on the other hand, has a pretty good chance of getting me out of bed.

    I want to see the survey that the guy passed around. Did it have a check box for bacon or did people come up with that on their own? If it was a check box, I’m calling “confirmation bias”.

  89. Anonymous says:

    Everybody needs to stop fucking suggesting “bacon aroma”. You’re all missing the point. You get to eat the fucking bacon.

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  93. Susan says:

    Great idea! All the people suggesting using bacon scents are missing the point that you actually GET TO HAVE BACON this way! How disappointing it would be to wake up to the smell of bacon but there is no bacon!

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  95. electriquehoney says:

    brilliant idea! I think this would be the best alarm clock for my bacon-loving boyfriend that absolutely abhors the idea of waking in the morning. And consequently, goes to uni without breakfast. This would ensure that he eats something.

  96. Rae says:

    All except for the last several commenters completely missed the point: waking up to warm, yummy bacon in the morning! I agree with the suggestion of an automatic shut-off; that should take care of the fire hazard, along with being made of metal/plastic instead of wood (though the character of the wood is charming). Kudos on the great idea!
    (and I also agree that thinkgeek.com would be an excellent seller of the Wake ‘n’ Bacon!)

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  99. Anonymous says:

    jhgf,.y .u.

  100. Anonymous says:

    omg becky her butt is so fing big

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  102. Luckadoo says:

    Where did you come up with this idea???

  103. Pink-Buizel says:

    How much would one of these cost? I want to wake up to the delicious smell of Bacon!

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  105. hassannaeem says:

    i join the mathlete

  106. David says:

    watching you on TV now! sweeeeeeeeeet! i love it!

  107. Gee says:

    just saw on Shark … i would by as a novelty cool

  108. Michael Jones says:

    hahahahahahaah just saw Shark Tank an you got rejected!!!!!!!

  109. Amaber says:

    I just saw the shark tank show where Matty was, i think its a great idea, i want one. I will love to invest in this product. You can contact me if you want.

  110. matthew says:

    i love it how much i would like to buy it

  111. kim says:

    nothing better than trying to insult someone and not even do it properly

    anyways, i want one. if my mom would buy a hot dog toaster, than why wouldn’t people buy this?

  112. Sulia says:

    I just saw this on the Shark’s show thing… which i guess is a rerun since I saw a comment months ago about it, lol.

    I am hoping you will prove to those stubborn rich people like the granola guy and prove them all wrong! Put it into production and I will DEFINITELY buy 2! 🙂

  113. Anita says:

    Love the idea…..contact me via email.

  114. Still.Sofia says:

    This would be perfect in the kitchen rather than the bedroom. After a few minutes of the alarm going off and the smell of bacon in the kitchen, I know my entire house would be happy campers!

  115. shane says:

    Great idea. For safety reasons perhaps if you could you change it from reheating in 10 minute to a scented bacon pad or any other scented pad?

  116. Lots of fun. Congrats on Shark Tank appearance.

  117. Jack says:

    The folks recommending a scent-only version have probably never had sex (with another person). Trust me, once you smell the real thing, you’ve just got to go all the way.

  118. alan ashe says:

    what you need is the essence of bacon. revise thd unit to utilize a gel pack or warming liquid like plug in room air scents

  119. Marc says:

    You know I could just put a timer on my toaster oven, right? There are coffee pots with timers and this isn’t far from that.

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  121. Anonymous says:

    hey i saw your bacon alarm on Shark Tank. Love the idea! I also saw that random shot of your rabbit!! Can you please tell us more about ur rabbit and why it’s just hopping around?? Is it litterbox trained? So cute. 🙂

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  124. Amanda says:

    This would be perfect in the kitchen rather than the bedroom. After a few minutes of the alarm going off and the smell of bacon in the kitchen, I know my entire house would be happy campers! http://www.selectnikeshoes.com welcome

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  126. If the alarm went off when the bacon was ready? I’d buy this for sure.

  127. pavs says:

    The only problem with this is that I’ve trained myself not to hear hubby’s 5AM alarm. There is NO possible way I could ever ignore the smell of BACONS!!!!

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  129. I had other ideas from your post information

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  131. anonymous says:

    Hello mathlete! I sent u an email asking you if i could buy this like a week ago and you havent replied. I would really like to buy this sooo… please respond. RSVP Thank you!

  132. Swimmer96 says:

    How do I get 1?

  133. Swimmer96 says:

    Please tell me where I can get one! Just give me a price

  134. marcia says:

    i just saw your clock on shark tank and love it! i know that many of my fb friends would purchase this.

  135. Anonymous says:

    i think its a great idea but you know what maybe instede of the becon part why dont you just sell the alarm clock like that a a bottle that sprays becon smell and they well wake up with the smell of bacon 🙂

  136. Just saw you on “Sharks’ Tank” … good luck!

  137. Joraff says:

    I just saw it on shark tank! I would definately buy one! yum!

  138. jt says:

    Hmmm… pre-cooked bacon sits unrefrigerated all night, to be re-heated in the morning, and you want someone to EAT that?
    Forget the lawsuits regarding fires for a moment, each time it heats up there is a small chance of a fire. Each time you leave pre-cooked bacon at room temp all night and then reheat and people eat it you will have an extremely HIGH risk of getting sick.
    The Sharks were right on… too risky! Neat idea, but so were “Lawn Darts”

  139. Patio Brian says:

    Please contact me I’ve added Your idea to mine and I think WE could get the sharks to bite.

  140. Lori P says:

    Shark Tank, I show I love didn’t give you the alternative to your idea. I hope you pursue the option of creating a bacon scent based oil. Scent oils usually take about five minutes to heat than release the scent. Redesign your product with an bacon scent oil and you will have a hit.
    This will probably have an impact on the sale of bacon. After you smell it, you want to eat it.
    Also, consider the turkey bacon smell, too.

  141. Anonymous says:

    Tell people that it uses a light bulb to heat the bacon. Lights have been beside beds since the lamp was invented. The problem I have with the product is that u are not suppose to leave meat out of the fridge over 2 hours. Will heating it 10 mins kill all bacteria?

  142. Jessica bacon says:

    I really want one. And I think there needs to be real bacon, not just a scent because it would be disapointing to wake up to the smell but no bacon

  143. This is why I'm not Jewish says:


  144. Anonymous says:


    Your’re killing me. You got onto Shark Tank, you have this beutiful web site. And then yoo don’t have any way for for invstors to know how to contact you. If you want to attract investors, I recommend making it as easy as possible for them to know what to do. Why not feature this on your site? Come on you are a smart guy. If you take the thinking out of things, people tend to follow your lead more often. I see nothing on your stite soliciting investors. Just a tip from a fellow inventor. Peace and good will to you. T.Mack

  145. LilCity says:

    Matty PLEASE Tell Me Everything’s Based Upon Weed? See All These People On TV Talking How It’s A Billionaire-Business! (Don’t Understand Nobody Commenting About It) Born & Raised In San Francisco, I NEED You To Figure Something Out With This! Put Grow Lights; Baby Plants? Something Man: Go To The Conventions Bet Anything Somebody Helps Mean Just Try.. Our SF Savvy Dude I’d Never Bullshit An Idea Like *Pothead’s Aroma – YoungMissSF@yahoo.com

  146. Melissa says:

    Ookay but I was watching shark tank and didn’t u not make a deal with any of the sharks plus u wer offered 300 bucks 4 the pig box. What a goddamn fail

  147. Patio Brian says:

    Hey at least he tried. The only true failure is not trying. Once he contacts ME then we will go in the tank again and this time the sharks will bite!

  148. Dav Will says:

    im interested in speaking with you regarding this ideal

  149. JOHN says:


  150. Anonymous says:

    Can I buy five?

  151. Dazzamac says:

    Dammit, I was woke up this morning by bacon and decided it was much better than a buzzer at 5am. You beat me to it. Greatest invention in the history of time.

  152. danielpower says:

    cool! It is really very great wonder to let an alarm clock wake people up with delicious cooking bacon. It should be the best wonder that I have seen ever before.

  153. Anonymous says:

    Please make this happen! I would buy one for everyone in my family!

  154. christine says:

    please make this happen! I would buy one for everyone in my family

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  158. Purrpussful says:

    PLEASE DON’T LISTEN TO ALL OF THE CLUELESS IDIOTS WHO THINK YOU SHOULD USE SYNTHETIC AROMAS INSTEAD OF ACTUAL BACON!! You know your invention’s safe! I suggest merely that you make it look like a little stove with a skillet on top instead of a pig’s head. 😉

  159. Anonymous says:

    BACON….That’s Smart

  160. Pingback: Introducing The “Wake ‘N Bacon”

  161. Pingback: Epic bacon-cooking alarm clock

  162. Theresa Jones says:

    Please make this happen!! I want one!!! I know people who would want one!!!! It’s epic!!

  163. Pingback: As Heard On Jody Dean: Thursday, 10/06/2011

  164. Alasdair says:

    You people who want a bacon-scented atomizer and/or a recording of the sound of bacon cooking instead of a piece of bacon are crazy!! What happens when you smell bacon cooking? YOU WANT BACON! It’s a kinda Pavlovian response.

    I can’t think of anything better to wake up to, other than… (no, better not say that here) ahem, well, maybe a cup of really good coffee and some bacon. Heaven!

    However, there is one thing that would improve the bacon alarm clock – a built-in toaster. You Yanks (I’m a Brit, by the way) have not yet discovered the delights of the bacon sandwich. If the alarm clock could cook the bacon and toast the bread I will marry it. And no, I ain’t a weirdo or nuthin’.

  165. Anonymous says:

    waking up to the smell of bacon has to be the BEST idea ever!

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  170. Adam says:

    Where could I buy one of these and if not how much is one to make since my dad is an electrical engineer.

  171. Pingback: Conheça Olly « TD Gadgets

  172. Anonymous says:

    where can i get this

  173. Pingback: On Designing An Alarm Clock | David Peter Simon

  174. Pingback: what’s shaken, bacon? « Infographics

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  183. blah says:

    i only want this if it can also cook you bacon

  184. Pingback: Wake’n Bacon «

  185. Genius! The gentle morning-after-the-night-before alarm.

  186. I want one of these!! amazing!

  187. Jef! says:

    Can you snooze? =D

    Fun idea, not practical tho. Why people have fire alarms and smoke detectors? Because if the odor of an entire house burning don’t wake people up, I don’t think that the odor of 2 bacon strips will.

  188. Pingback: Merry Giftmas | Wheeeeeeee!

    • wycliffewy says:

      I’m pretty sure Matty dropped the idea after being humiliated on Shark Tank. There hasn’t really been any movement here since then. None of the recent posters of the past several months seem to have noticed that Matty doesn’t even respond here. I don’t think anyone has heard from him since April.

  189. Definitely imagine that that you stated. Your favorite reason seemed to be at the web the easiest factor to take into accout of. I say to you, I definitely get annoyed whilst folks consider worries that they plainly don’t know about. You controlled to hit the nail upon the highest and outlined out the entire thing without having side effect , other folks could take a signal. Will probably be again to get more. Thanks

  190. Pingback: Is using Photoshop Cheating? « enjoyyourreading

  191. Pingback: ¿Como es Buenos Aires? | aPostcardFromBrooklyn

  192. Anonymous says:

    The idea is great. DO NOT use just a scent. Who wants to wake up hungry and realize they can’t eat what they are smelling?

  193. Pingback: OnePeople » Wake n’ Bacon

  194. Totally cool. I think I would get out of bed way faster and my girlfriend wouldn’t complain from asking her to make breakfast all the time. Well done.

  195. Pingback: Breakfast On The Go – Wake n’ Bacon – get addicted to ... DAILY MIX OF CREATIVE CULTURE

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  197. Pingback: (>^_^)> 12 Best Alarm Clocks for Heavy Sleepers >> from The Endearing Designer : Design Tips, Tricks, Tutorials, Tools and More... The Endearing Designer

  198. christina mcveigh says:

    Where can I buy this and how much is it?

  199. Pingback: Why are we so crazy for bacon? | Food & Think

  200. Pingback: 20 Ridiculous Bacon Products | inStash

  201. Pingback: Wake n’ Bacon « Bacon Strip Empire

  202. seo says:

    Today, while I was at work, my cousin stole my iphone and tested to see if it can survive a thirty foot drop, just so she can be a youtube sensation. My apple ipad is now broken and she has 83 views. I know this is totally off topic but I had to share it with someone!

  203. Flo says:

    Pre-cooked bacon is not kept in the refrigerator section at my store. i don’t see why you think it would spoil over night.
    I would buy one of these given the right price!

  204. worldclock says:

    Wake n’ Bacon | Mathlete – just great!

  205. Pingback: Top 3 Craziest Ideas On Shark Tank | The Most Dramatic TV Blog Ever!!!

  206. Pingback: Wake Up and Smell the Bacon « Utterly Smitten

  207. bjm2136 says:

    just watched you on the Shark Tank! Good job on having the balls to pitch this bad boy! Good Luck Matty!

  208. Pingback: Bauknecht WAK 12 Waschmaschine FL / AAB / Energieverbrauch: 0.85 kWh / 1200 UpM / 5 kg | Kondenstrockner Energieeffizienzklasse A

  209. Andreas from Norway says:

    possible to buy this soon?

  210. mybigblog says:

    its on sharktank live! right now

    • Anonymous says:

      This is a fantastic idea that is not just some fad gift for Dads. College kids and bacon lovers everywhere would love it. I have two sons that would love to cook bacon from bed. I hope you get your product made. Best of luck$$$$

  211. Jared says:

    Can you buy this?

  212. Rory says:

    Please get a kickstarter campaign going for this. Will fund for bacon.

  213. melissa says:

    I would buy this! I can’t believe that the sharks turned it down. If put in Spencers it would sell. Great novelty gift for the Bacon lover!

  214. Saw you on Shark tank a few minutes ago; must be a re-run. If you have not been able to take this product to market yet, contact me. I can help. http://www.valdiviez.biz. C R Valdiviez

  215. Anonymous says:

    Can you buy these?

  216. Anonymous says:

    Love the waken bacon. Saw you on the Sharks, maybe you should try bacon scented oil. I don’t think the sharks would have a problem with waking up to yummy bacon aromatherapy.

  217. Carrie Ford says:

    would love to know how to buy one of these!

  218. Dan Petitpas says:

    I saw a show on PBS and it reminded me of your device. And now you’re on Shark Tank again.

    In any event, in Britain, during the war and through the 1960s, they had tea makers with alarm clocks in them that sat next to the bed that would brew a cup of tea when it went off. I’ve been to motels that had coffee makers either attached to the wall near the bed or at least in the room not far from the bed.

    Also, on the show, there was nothing about it heating the bacon with lightbulbs. The whole talk by Kevin about it bursting into flames was so unfair!

  219. patrick says:

    Are these for sale

  220. Mary Jo says:

    I wonder if the inventor has considered posting this on Kickstarter (http://www.kickstarter.com/) where you can invest in someone’s idea to help raise the funds to have it made. It’s become a hugely popular site with millions of dollars raised to help get great products made! This would seem the ideal way to go with the Wake ‘N Bacon

  221. Anonymous says:

    We’re can you buy it

  222. nikki says:

    Watching the Shark Tank repeat now. This is the stupidest idea I have ever of! Where can I buy my dad one?

  223. Jimmy says:

    Were can you buy this

  224. Anonymous says:

    I have to have one! I have to three! You have to get this to market!!
    Good Luck!

  225. Catherine says:

    The one shark was right, id buy one for every single family member and all my soldiers in my unit as a gag gift. Heck it could evan be made to be differant animals cars evan shapes. I hope it gets made

  226. Tim says:

    People, this will not burn your house down or kill you! The original design made ow wood will not be their final design. It will be made with metal and plastic like the easy bake ovens. This unit just warms pre cooked bacon, not cooking under open flame! You have lamps, heaters, air conditioners, curling irons, etc. That are plugged in and left on all the time. This will not burn your house down! Great product Matty – keep going and they will sell all over the world!

    • wycliffewy says:

      People insist on picturing it as a bacon cooker — that is, a pan cooking raw bacon that spatters grease and requires high heat. That said, I think a kitchen appliance that did exactly that — cooked raw bacon or sausage on a timer — would be pretty neat. The refrigeration aspect is the problem. But that’s not what the Wake n’Bacon is (or was). The Wake n’Bacon appears to be essentially an “Easy Bake Oven” with a timer.

      The premise is that it is safe to leave strips of cooked bacon exposed for 8 to 12 hours (a premise that I won’t argue with but which should be verified!), and then when the timer is triggered, the heating element (an incandescent lamp, I believe) warms the (already cooked) bacon so that the aroma is released.

      A couple of unfortunate elements: The name of the product is derived from stoner humor which might not play very well in certain marketing contexts. The device is extremely specialized to bacon, and not everyone eats bacon. Nobody talks about the fact that in order to make this device work at all, you have to go to the trouble of cooking bacon the night before, and you have to accept that leaving bacon out and unrefrigerated is safe and healthy, and that your cooked bacon doesn’t have an odor that keeps you awake.

      Like I said, an automated meat cooker (think “Foreman Grill” but even simpler and automatic (self-cleaning?)) would be really interesting, for the _kitchen_, not for a bedside table.

      Also would people please note that Mr. Sallin hasn’t commented here one single time in well over a year? He may read the comments here, but he certainly doesn’t respond to them.

  227. scilynt@gmail.com says:

    After seeing you on shark tank like everyone else, I have to put in another vote for getting yourself on kickstarter.com right away. What you need is cash to design/build/produce and the best way to do that is to let your future customers order now to help fund all that.

    You can see just from the post on here (along with the initial viral spread) you know there are plenty of people that are interested and that would be even more so if those same people can help contribute to helping you get it done along with you. You already have the hype and once you get a kickstarter started all those same tech blogs that initially posted about your idea/prototype will post about your kickstarter really getting it going.

    I’ll be honest, with hype, I don’t see you having a problem getting at least $170k from kickstarter and likely more. Yes, you miss out on the expertise the sharks could have brought but this thing will sell itself once it’s an actual product. Hell, it’s already selling itself as just an idea as you can see all the people who want to buy one NOW.

    You could then even message the sharks and tell them they can contribute to the kickstarter and then they can get their own “pig box” lol

    PS I’ll become your VP of marketing for a pretty fair percentage and really get this thing out there for you (us?) ;).

  228. dontea says:

    i like bacon and i think that the people one shark tank made a mistake and the first minuite it comes out i am buyin it.

  229. Ashley says:

    This has to be the best idea ever… I love bacon!

  230. ULFRIC says:

    Serious comment. You either need to tell me how to build one, or how much money to send you. I need a Wake N’ Bacon. No joking around. Blueprints or an adress to send the check to. I want it. Email me. Whatever. We can talk if you want, I don’t care if my house burns to the ground. THis is legit the greatest invention ever!

    TL;DR version:
    Schematics or where to send my check
    I want one.
    I will pay for it.

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  232. I like this idea, and I think it could be useful for more then just bacon.If that guy had entered the tank with a UL rating already approved, we might all be waking up to bacon.

  233. voodoocurse says:

    I would buy one in a heartbeat if I could. I don’t have the skill to build one myself. I just have to throw in another plug for (kickstarter.com). I’ve seen them make some dreams happen. I’m considering hooking my toaster oven to a simple electric timer for the same effect, but this would be so much cooler (and safer).

  234. Anonymous says:

    Where can I get them? I want to buy 6 of them for gifts and 1 for myself!

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  236. This seems like a great idea. You just have to be careful not to get burned and be left with a burn scars.

  237. Hey Matty. I know of a company that would most likely endorse and take your alarm to the next level. Please email me thanks

  238. brett says:

    hey guys, this sounds like a great idea and i wouldn’t mind getting a fresh slice of bacon every morning! keep it up!

  239. marfel says:

    guys …. what the technology name for this idea …. i mean what that technology used in this product

  240. Pingback: Waking up with bacon « Appliances Online Blog

  241. Kate says:

    OK, OK….Fabulous invention, and the way I feel that if for some godforsaken reason a fire starts d/t the bacon cooking, it would be worth it as long as it happens AFTER you eat the bacon. Not a bad way to go! Oh, and let me know when you come out with Model 2, the one the eggs, toast and coffee to go with it. Now THEN, I’m all in! Great ideal and so adorable in every way. You ROCK!

  242. Reblogged this on eat like you give a damn and commented:
    FINALLY! the perfect alarm clock!

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  247. James says:

    My biggest hope is that this was inspired by Michael Scott from The Office.

  248. Buffchic says:

    Sweet mother of everything that represents the awesomeness of PIG! What a glorious concept.
    Please market this heavily, I need to purchase!

    Please see my post on Wake n’ Bacon and Wendy’s Son of Baconator.

  249. Pingback: Wakey, Wakey, Eggs and Bakey: Unique Alarm Clocks to Start your Day | Interior Complex

  250. Weldon says:

    Nice post. I learn something totally new and challenging on sites I stumbleupon everyday.
    It’s always interesting to read content from other authors and practice a little something from their web sites.

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  253. visit site says:

    Ahaa, its pleasant discussion on the topic of this article at this place at this blog,
    I have read all that, so now me also commenting here.

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  257. bob says:

    I NEED IT!!!!


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  266. Kennisia Wijs says:


  267. Marinozai says:

    Reblogged this on Ditch Your Typewriter and commented:
    This is simply amazing. It is a clash between pathetic and so incredibly logical that will reward your tastebuds for simply waking up.

  268. Pingback: Wake N’ Bacon 一早,從喚醒味覺開始 | CROWNinc 優質潮流生活雜誌

  269. Jonathan says:

    Shut up and take my money! haha
    This is amazing. I need this. I just broke my alarm clock because of the really annoying ring =//
    I will translate your post and post in my blog, with your credits, off course. Can I?
    Thank you very much!!

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  271. davidsdiego says:

    Very cool! I want this so bad! 🙂

  272. Boyd says:

    Did you ever make this into a product? Has anyone invested with you to produce this alarm clock?

  273. Boyd says:

    Please contact me….

  274. Daya says:

    Reblogged this on Notes from the Novel and commented:
    Oh. My. Goddess.

    That is all.

  275. Alicia says:

    Any chance we could can purchase these for Xmas gifts?

  276. Pingback: Artifacting

  277. J.D, Staton says:

    Eating the cooked bacon is an essential part of this alarm process because no one can roll over and go back to sleep while actually eating something savory, chewy, and flavorful, like bacon. Chewing will further arouse the alarm-awakened person, plus just one slice of bacon ingested will act like an appetizer, revving up the person’s appetite, making them desperate to get out of bed and eat a full breakfast. A growling stomach (plus a probably full bladder), is a primal sensory motivator to get one up and moving!

  278. Rachel says:

    Where can you get them

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  280. Pingback: 5. Wake n’ Bacon | Creative Tutorials

  281. Colleen Finegan says:

    Where can I buy one

  282. claire says:

    Where can buy these!!! I want one, two, ughhh please

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  299. Lisa smith says:

    That would be a Good moring every day.

  300. moniquegs11 says:

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  304. tecknawy says:

    That would be a Good moring every day.

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