The Tokyo Museum of Advertising (ADMT)

The Tokyo Museum of Advertising is a monument to the history of advertising, and this site is the kiosk complement to the physical site. The board members envisioned a webpage that could be used by advertising professionals to research all sorts of advertising in both English and Japanese language, and they had an enormous database of video, sound and picture files to fill it with. The biggest challenge was: how do you present such a large breadth of advertising, how do you organize it, and how do you provide contextual relevance?

The user rolls over the cube to choose which two axes they want to view: Media & Time, Industry & Time, or Media & Industry

I proposed a method of arranging all the content by industry, media and time, and allowing the user to choose two of those criteria to display the results (industry vs. media, media vs. time, or time vs. industry). Once the user chooses which view they want, the site will graph the entire database according to that intersection.

Media & Time

Industry & Time

Media & Industry

Once the view is built, there is both scrolling and zooming functionality to pinpoint a more specific intersection, such as “1992 and cars.” The color of the cell indicates the number of ads found at that intersection. Clicking that cell brings up the thumbnails of all those ads in that category. An embedded all-flash media player then presents the ad.

Choosing a specific cell would bring you to a listing of all the media in that cell

Viewing an individual commercial video


About msallin

Matty Sallin is the founder of Since 1999, Matty has worked to develop consumer products that manage everyday information and media in a satisfying, illuminating, and beautiful way. His professional and academic work has focused on social media, information design and information visualization. His work has appeared in the New York Times, Good Morning America, GQ, American Public Media, Make Magazine, Boing Boing, Engadget, Gizmodo, Coolhunting, ResFest, and others. Matty holds a Master’s degree from New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program and a Bachelor’s degree from UC Santa Cruz.
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